Mixed Signals is an outpouring of enthusiasm for music, performance and creative expression, coagulating into a regular series of concerts in New York City. In an era where a concert is just as likely to be heard as it is to be seen, inhaled or ingested, Mixed Signals follows the trajectory of artists grappling with an ever-expanding array of modes of expression. A widening scope of digital and analog tools drives artwork that unifies the senses and tells stories that extend across times and spaces, both real and virtual.

Mixed Signals strives to put on events drawing on talent from people working in many different forms and communities. People naturally organize around academic institutions, software and hardware tools, places and other people—we attempt to bridge these organizations to encourage cross pollination between creative communities.

Anyone can perform at Mixed Signals. If you’ve got work you’d like to show, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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If you would like to perform at the next Mixed Signals, get in touch!

Mixed Signals
Brooklyn, NY