Surround Sound
Sat Sept 09 2017 8PM
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Surround sound. A listener at the center of a field of sound is surrounded, as if they are the target of a musical ambush. Oscillations as military divisions, phalanxes vibrating at hyper-real frequencies. We are surrounded, and the sound closes us in on all sides. There is no path outward not blocked by music, by sensation; everywhere we turn antagonistic melodies set upon us and thwart our progress. We say we are surrounded, from the sound there is no escape. On September 9th, join us at Dave and Gabe’s at 8pm. They have generously offered to share their 40 channel surround system with us, and we’ve reached out to an extremely talented group of musicians to arrange music for this unique setup. Tickets are available in advance below. We look forward to seeing you there.

Dave & Gabe
Dave Rife, Gabe Liberti
Oppositional Surge
Margaret Schedel
082117 and 010215
Melody Loveless, Daniel Steffey, Caitlin Cawley
Jenn Grossman
Ultraspatial Field
Kamron Saniee
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